Private yoga  sessions are customized to your unique  personal goals and needs, in your most convenient schedule. 


Reasons to schedule a private yoga session could include:

- help developing your own practice

-  learn specific postures

-  address pain or discomfort

-  improve range of motion in joints

-  gain the confidence to attend a group class or to practice at home

- practice in a schedule what most convenient for you

Private sessions are an excellent way to discover the benefits of yoga,

and to receive personalized attention to meet your goals.

Cost for private or semi-private lessons:

· First session: $90 (includes 15 minute intake + 60 minute session)

· Set of 5  sessions: $425 ($85/ 75 minutes session)

The best way to start is to first book a phone consultation.

Fill out the application:

Cancellation Policy: in the event that you need to cancel or reschedule a private session please give 24 hours notice.




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