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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

A letter from Hella,

I see you, and I see, how you're doing your best to rebuild your new routine, mental and physical health, for a better version of yourself. It's not always easy to find the time and resources to take care of ourselves.

Over the course of 10 years, I dedicated myself to studying and practicing yoga and aromatherapy.

I learned from great teachers how to use these wonderful tools to help me lead a healthier lifestyle and manage everyday tasks with ease.

The help of these tools has been a lifesaver for me.

They allow me to focus on work, spend time with friends and family and have a happy life.


I created an interactive, personal workshop experience just for you. You will leave with a toolbox of skills and habits that you can use every day to feel better, happier, and more fulfilled.

  • In this series of workshops, I will teach you basic habits, to help you live a healthy, active lifestyle, with more energy and happier mood.

  • I'll help you learn and implement new habits that are easy to practice so that they stick for life.


It’s simple enough and easy to access.

Whether you realize it or not, your breathing is important for overall health.

Let’s find out how do you improve your breathing!

A well-known fact is that every single cell in your body is connected to each other, and the number one nutrient they need to function properly is oxygen. Oxygen is vital for life and its quality impacts your body in various ways: it can affect your stress level, mood and more.

I have learned, that one of the reasons people feel anxious is because of improper breathing. We were made to breathe through our nose. Our nasal cycle is linked to the sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System, influencing body temperature , blood pressure, hormonal production and mood.

What you will learn in this workshop:

  • How to maintain a healthy level of breathing, your body needs for nourishment.

  • How to breathe properly

  • How to improve your posture for proper breathing

  • 3 simple breathing techniques, one of them I learned from a Lama from Tibet

  • What tools should you use to implement your new skill

  • How to Choose and Why Use Your Essential Oils to Support Your Breathing

  • How to make your essential oil blend to support you all day

I am offering your first workshop for a fraction of my regular fees.

You will have a chance to make your own essential oil blend, for $6/bottle

You can make as many blends you like!

I believe that everyone is unique and has different needs, so I always keep my classes small and work individually with each student and customize the tools they need.

Space is limited, only 8 students/class!

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