Start the year with intention.

Choose a word!

Long time ago, I believed that I had to start the year with a resolution, making a list of all the things I want to accomplish, write down all the things or characteristic of my life, I wish to change.

I often find, that making a resolution, writing lists, just cause struggle to keep them, and it's just simply hard to remember them for the whole 12 month.

I found a better way, what works for me and many of my friends. - I choose a word. -

This word will help me to stay focused on what I want to accomplish, instead of having a resolution checklist.

Having a word, helps to be intentional, keep me motivated to stay on the path, especially when challenges arise. And challenges will come.

There is no change without challenges. -If a change is not challenging, it's not really a change.

I have been choosing a word in 4 years now. I set my word somewhere around my desk, where I can easily see it and helps me to remember "my why."

I have noticed that the chosen word will have their life on their own, and applies multiple layers of my life.

At the end of the year I can see how it applied and helped me grow through the whole year.

Last year, my chosen word was independence.

My goal was to able to hear my own voice, and not depend on other people's opinion.

There were many times through 2020, when I felt overwhelmed, and just wanted to go back to the old way of thinking and doing.

When my journey become really hard, I looked at my word, and it really helped me to remember:

- that's how it feels, to become independent.

I'm on the right path.

By the end of the year, the universe sent plenty of message, how I helped to be independent not just myself, but my children, my students, my whole community around me.

One of my dear friend and student, actually showed up at my door on my birthday, and she mentioned what a great community we created! (I intentionally use WE, because; well let's face it: there is no community with one person and in order to create a commuity, everybody has to participate and wanting to be in it.)

My intention come through and served my whole community and had a positive impact!

The best birthday gift I can imagine!

My word for this year, already arrived. Delivered by my friend, who actually gifted my new word.

She had no idea about my tradition.

The word arrived at the perfect time and shape.

My word for 2021 is FEARLESS !

This is a big word for me, and I just realized, in the past couple of month, that how many things what I don't do or even won't try to do, simply because for fear.

Writing this blog is to face my fear #1. - I do hope my blog, my writings or videos will help at lest some of my friends, not just me.

I already made plans, and reserved, my next challenge: get back on the ski slopes!

The past couple years I just avoid the slopes.

Last time, when I landed on the top of the mountain, I become scattered, and didn't enjoy the ride gliding down the hill at all! (ok it was not even close to be a glide! more like :how can I get on my butt, and just come down without touching the snow, while I kept saying in my head: what was I thinking? What was I thinking? I just want to see my children one more time!)

I heard that some people develop this fear after having children, and maybe that's what happened with me, I don't know....

This year, I will send you a picture as I will gracefully with a brave heart, and wide smile on my face will glide down on the slopes! GLIDE!

SO, here is the brand new year, just about to start.

I invite you join our tradition, and choose your word for this year.

No worries if the word doesn't pop up right away . (2 years ago I found my word in February , and it was still ok)

Once you send your wish to the universe, that you looking for a word, if you pay attention, your word will pop in multiple ways.

In this New year of 2021, I wish you to find the perfect word for yourself to guide you.


As a gift to you, I created a Winter Wellness e-book, where I collected all the recipes, I found helpful to keep me well during the winter months. I hope you will enjoy it.

Winter Wellness Support
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