What do you practice?

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

"What you were is what you are today

What you will be is what you do now!"


My teacher asks me before every class if I work on something. I love this question, therefore before every class I teach, I ask my students what do

they practice.

It’s a great idea to have an intention when you step on your mat, but it’s not a requirement.

Your mat usually doesn’t care about your intention. Your mat cares about one and only one thing, that YOU show up.

Is the reason I ask this question from my student, to help them reach their goal? Yeah, that’s too, but that’s not why I become a teacher and not the number one reason.

This simple question helped me to be present, this very question made me aware of my thoughts, my intentions, my goals.

Huh, It went deep, real fast, isn’t it?

Yoga is really not just about a bunch of poses put together.

Poses (asanas) are really just one little part of yoga.

The biggest part of yoga is what you learn while you learn a pose. What do you learn when you fold forward the very first time during your day.

Did you notice your breath when you just bend forward? And what do you notice when you bend forward the 23rd time? Is it easier? Is your breath longer?

Can you rise up from a forward fold with more awareness? Or you really just want to sit down or do savasana right after you fold forward? (Been there, done that, there is no judgment here ever!)

This word “practice” comes up more times during Spring. Why?

Because that is the time when we must adjust to changes and if we are in harmony with nature, the transition will be smoother. Changes makes us to face things, habits to review and asking for change.

You might make a New Year resolution, like millions of people every year, but many times by mid-January all the resolution got forgotten. People remember about it around spring, when the weather transitions from cold and dark into light and warm. And this transition time when we must flow with. There is a little hesitation when we are not sure we need more or fewer layers of clothing.

When we transition from one habit to another it may invite hesitation, maybe even frustration, but as we keep practicing our new habit, it will unfold during the journey.

Whether or not you made a New Year resolution, spring is a great time to review what we practie.

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