I'm a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 500 with Yoga Alliance. I completed my training at the Inner Power Yoga Studio in Sterling, Virginia with Ursula Cox in 2017. I was trained by wonderful teachers and mentors who graciously shared their wisdom and practice; as a result, I will forever be the student of the practice.

Yoga has been part of my life for 9 years, helping me to find inner strength, teaching me to be present and mindful both on the mat and throughout my life. My journey as a yogi began after recovering from childbirth. I went back to the gym with the intention of strengthening my core and losing weight. I landed in a yoga class and immediately realized I had arrived where I belong.


In my studio I teach 75-minute power Vinyasa, Yin, and Yoga Nidra classes, focusing on breath, alignment, and mindfulness.  My classes include a community of students ranging from young adulthood to seniors.


As a teacher I focus on the whole person, meeting students where they are in their journey through wellness, as beginners or advanced yogis. As a community we celebrate small accomplishments, honoring and living the “Om” to create harmony and unity to support each other through our practice.

As a yoga teacher, I love to see my students thrive and feel complete. I teach to connect the body with the mind and the breath, providing a calming effect, positioning each student to use the strength of their body to improve their balance in yoga and in life.




Hella, Your class is more of a shared practice with you as our mentor than a group of people who work out together. Many of my other yoga teachers and classes rush through the poses-focusing on the physical side of yoga. My practice with you is more than that. You understand where I am today and help me there while showing me where I am trying to go. There is no pressure to move faster than I am ready for but you give a nudge if I become complacent in a pose. I feel you are more of a mentor than a teacher.


Joys Sue Black


Since taking yoga classes with Hella, I have learned how to manage stress, not only in class but through all areas of my life. As a working-mother of three, I truly feel like this is something for me that makes me a better person for my family and my colleagues. The bonus is what it’s done for my physique; I’ve shaped and toned areas that I thought were a lost cause!


Jennifer Todd

I come to Hella's class in October 2019 in poor physical condition. Year before I had opened heart surgery. To improve my physical condition I   was looking for  restorative yoga teacher in the area and  find at Terra Natural Wellness. Even doing one class a week, Hella  helped me to restore my strenght and  restored my posture. She  always addresses everybody's concerns in her classes.  It's always a pleasure to come in to her class. 

Irene  Krimer

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