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About the studio

Terra Natural Wellness is all about YOU! I offer both Private and small group classes. 

The group classes are Vinyasa and Yin style classes. 


The Vinyasa class focusing on to connecting

the breath and movement in the vinyasa flow. The practice offers more stability, mobility and build muscles. 

The Yin classes are focusing on the deeper layers, offers more than just deep stretching, but a very effective practice for stress relief.


I  take the time to work with you- one on one- before or after the class to personalize your practice.


I also use aromatherapy during the class to enhance your practice.

The studio is located inside the Majest Martial Arts Studio in Sterling. 20964 South Bank Street, Sterling, Virginia, 20164

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Contact us: 703-582-1840                   hella@terranaturalwellness.com