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Taking yoga with Hella has made such a difference in my life. I have been an avid exerciser for many years but with all of the changes in our world, I was forced to find a new routine. Prior to all gyms closing, I took some drop in classes with Hella at Majest Martial Arts and I enjoyed those very much. I didn't commit to a schedule as I also had my Golds Gym membership, but my favorite yoga practice has always been with Hella.  Since the Covid 19 pandemic took over our world, I have been practicing yoga only with Hella, on zoom at first and now outside, under our big, beautiful sky. This practice has really saved me, both mentally and physically. My joints no longer ache, I feel calmer and more connected to the world and I find myself yearning for her classes.
I'm completely hooked! Hella's kindness and consideration to all her students is second to none. She is an amazing, knowledgeable, instructor who meets the needs of and challenges all students at their personal level. Instructors like Hella are hard to find. I highly recommend Terra Natural Wellness and Hella. It's the whole package:)